Obsidian – Take notes by creating a neural red

Obsidian - Take notes by creating a neural red.

Take notes and create a neural network!!🤔💭

The vast majority of us use some format of notes 🗒️ to be able to save information and always have it at hand, because as we all know, what is not practiced is lost.

Obsidian offers us the possibility of creating intertwined notes so that in the end we create an organized and intertwined "neural network", so that our information is perfectly organized and classified. 👍

✅ The best thing about this program is that we don't depend on it 100% since the notes they create are basic notes in ".txt" format in the directory we create, it simply interprets the headers and indexes that point to other notes.

It also has the paid option of being able to make an online backup ☁️, but I also like the fact that it is saved locally on my computer so that I can migrate all my notes to another computer.

🖇️ We can also use other note formats such as:




➡️Google Notes

➡️Standard Notes

➡️Microsoft OneNote


➡️Google Keep

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